World Cup Race Mitten

The World Cup Race Mitten has been designed in collaboration with an expert who works closely with the Swiss ski team and is therefore very familiar with what racers need. An ergonomic laminate structure ensures optimal mobility, even with protectors. The palm is made from treated goatskin leather; its special finish increases the leather’s durability and provides better protection against dirt and abrasion. The back of the hand features ceramic-reinforced material, which is cut-resistant and extremely hard-wearing. Reinforcements are rounded so that even the fastest skier won’t be slowed down by contact with snow. A comfortable, sporty cuff with hook and loop closure and protectors provides the wrist with optimal protection. Specially processed leather on the inner side of the hand increases finger surface area, which creates extra grip. Silicone reinforcements on the palm also contribute to excellent grip. The racing glove has a quick-drying Micro Bemberg lining, Warm and comfortable to wear thanks to its Dexfill Soft insulation.



Product information

Cut Protective Ceramic Application
SA Goatskin
Silicon Print On
Microfiber/Gripper Application
Dexfill Soft
Micro Bemberg QD
Foam Protection
Ergonomic Lamella Construction

Size calculator

You can measure your glove size by measuring the size of your hand. Important: right-handed people should measure the right hand; left-handed people should measure the left hand. Finger length is not important. Although the overall size is identical for the men’s S and the women’s L, the glove designs themselves are not the same, as men’s fingers and thumbs, for example, are longer and wider.

19 cm
7 / S

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