The optimal glove size

Size Chart

Finding the right glove size not only provides more comfort, but also the appropriate heat balance as well as optimal breathability. Find the right glove size with the help of our size chart or with the template.

Finding the right glove size is not always easy. From person to person, the shape of the hand is different. Some people have long fingers and a narrow palm, others have short fingers and a wide palm. Differences are also apparent from man to woman.

To find the right glove, it is therefore important to know which size is suitable. You can measure your glove size by measuring the size of your hand. Right-handed people should measure the right hand; left-handed people should measure the left hand. Although the overall size is identical for the men’s S (MS) and the women’s L (LL), the glove designs themselves are not the same, as men’s fingers and thumbs are in general longer and wider. Find your glove size in the table below:

Hand measurement and size chart for Snowlife gloves

To be absolutely sure which glove size fits you, we have developed a hand template for men and women. With the help of this template you can determine which glove size is ideal for your hands.

Print the template in actual size on A4 paper and take an impression of your hand. Here you can download our templates for determining glove sizes:

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