Downtown Stretch I-Glove

The Downtown Stretch I-Glove is a simple glove made of Polartec® Power Stretch® Fleece material. The fabric is Bluesign certified. Bluesign is a sustainability standard for the production of textiles that takes particular account of aspects of chemical safety in the material and the manufacturing process. The thumb and index finger are equipped with conductive material which enables smartphones to be operated even with gloves on. The palms are provided with anti-slip printing for a perfect grip. A ribbed cuff surrounds the wrist and ensures optimum coziness.



Size calculator

You can measure your glove size by measuring the size of your hand. Important: right-handed people should measure the right hand; left-handed people should measure the left hand. Finger length is not important. Although the overall size is identical for the men’s S and the women’s L, the glove designs themselves are not the same, as men’s fingers and thumbs, for example, are longer and wider.

19 cm
7 / S

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