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Your requirements are our priority: our gloves combine modern, high-quality and sustainable materials with the latest technology, careful processing and Swiss design. We produce gloves that will be trusted companions wherever you go and for whatever the next winter has in store for you.

Our passion for the handicraft to develop the perfect gloves first began in 1973. Since then, a great deal has changed – although our claim of providing you with gloves of the highest quality remains the same. This is why every day we inject passion and dedication into developing gloves for you that not only combine the latest technologies, sustainable materials and timeless design, but prove to be a pleasure to wear every winter.

HEAT GTX - The new generation

One touch of the perfectly integrated on/off button suffices for the in-built rechargeable battery to produce heat. All fingers can be warmed separately thanks to 3 individual heat settings. Yet the Snowlife Heat GTX glove is extremely light-wearing and easy to operate. The battery can be recharged many times.

The advantages of purchasing a Snowlife heated glove:

  • many years of experience
  • most advanced and extremely safe technology
  • unbeatable customer service


  • all fingers are individually heated
  • 3 individual heat settings
  • environmentally-friendly battery operation
  • universal charger
  • optimal blood circulation
  • simple and practical operation
  • extremely light-weight



Only the best for your hands: our gloves combine modern technology with high-quality, sustainable materials to protect your hands against cold and moisture.


Water-resistant and windproof thanks to the heat-retaining DRY-TEC® membrane.

Gore 2in1 Technologie von Gore-Tex

Gore 2-in-1 technology

GORE-TEX® glove with two compartments; top compartment for extra warmth and bottom compartment for a better grip.

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Gore active technology

Extremely active breathable glove system with GORE-TEX® membrane for keeping hands dry and warm for longer, proven in laboratory tests.

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Gore plus warm technology

Extremely warm GORE-TEX® glove, proven in laboratory tests.

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Water- and windproof, active breathable membrane.

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Gore-Tex Infinium Stretch product technology

GORE-TEX INFINIUMTM STRETCH gloves are permanently windproof and extremely breathable. They keep your hands pleasantly warm and dry without restricting freedom of movement, touch sensitivity or gripping safety – so you never have to take them off.

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Gore-Tex Infinium Windstopper product technology

Gloves with GORE-TEX INFINIUMTM WINDSTOPPER® product technology are completely windproof and extremely breathable. Thanks to the latest improvements to our Laminate GORE-TEX INFINIUMTM WINDSTOPPER®, the gloves are extremely comfortable to wear.

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Lavalan® is a highly functional wool insulation made of 100% natural raw materials. Wool is a “high-tech” natural fibre that keeps you nice and warm, regardless of how active you are or when the weather changes.

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Polartec® Power Stretch®

Fabrics made of Polartec® Power Stretch® are bi-elastic and extremely breathable. During physical effort, they keep the body dry and offer warmth without feeling heavy.

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Extra-lightweight, warm insulating material that is water-resistant, breathable and fast-drying.

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Warm and protected layer by layer

Layers protect your hands in any situation: With our proven "multilayer system", you can flexibly decide whether you need additional thermal layers or prefer to use only the minimum layer for mild temperatures.

  • permanently waterproof
  • absolutely windproof
  • very breathable
  • secure grip (only for GORE-TEX® gloves with Gore 2 in 1 technology)
  • highly insulated (only for GORE-TEX® gloves with Gore plus warm technology)

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